The heated air in engine room can make bad situation for performance. As you know if temperature is lower has the high density of oxygen, serves as fuel-air mixture and burns, air can get high performance and high torque. What is air cleaner can do for engine? Of course it can get the garbage and the dust in air. It is a subject how in short, the air of a low temperature is sent in a cylinder with raising the flow velocity.

GruppeM who is air intake specialist always thinking about this theme. The one of answer is SUPER CLEANER.

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Original know-how to realize high performance

Anymore, goes without saying about filter itself, we adopted high-density multi layer cotton made in the K&N company which is superior in a dust collection effect. Rectification of inhalation air and progress in the flow velocity are realized by doing this high density multi layer cotton into a cone, and arranging a centering cone on the central part in the filter.
It is same reason as the engine of a jet aircraft. It is hard to be affected by the heat by carbon or intake duct made from aluminum that cut off heat, moreover speed at the time of the inhalation is elevated by the shape design of the filter part, by leaps and bounds filling-up efficiency is stabilizes and improves. Further, control performance degradation of high load consecutive intake.

The durability of a K&N high flow filter

It is considered as the high flow type with the surface area of more than 5 times by attaining optimization of the accordion shape where reserved the fixed taper angle based on the filter design concept original with the durability of a K&N high flow filter, and the deep fold was reserved.
 Large scale and a high load continuation air intake are realized by suppressing distortion by powerful inhalation negative pressure and powerful heat, and raising a filtering capacity.

The intake duct made from carbon & aluminum

This SUPER CLEANER succeeds in raising the flow velocity of inhalation air while inhibiting the in fluency by the heat in engine room by arranging intake duct on the circumference of a filter to the minimum. We choose this aluminum and carbon material for this intake duct as a prejudice as a specialist.
 That reason is excellent in heat shield and light weight. And shut out water and any dust in to the air filter.

Reliable wearing performance

Kit of all is bolted with the fitting adapter of the exclusive design. It is same as genuine intake kit with correct fitting.
 If fitting is not correct it can not make best air flow for intake kit.
 GruppeM SUPER CLEANER kit has correct fitting adapter and all stuff in their kit for best instruction, so anyone can install this kit.


The K&N filter is recyclable by washing, so makes the wonderful long life possible. The filter washer without damaging cotton of a material, decomposes strongly and washes dirt permeated. After washing and drying, by infiltration of dedicated filter oil, performance of same level as new one is restored, and capability of a filter is shown 100%. In addition, unnecessary waste is not discharge, and by exhaust gas examination when it equips with a K&N filter, cleared regulation in all the countries of the world. So even the owner having high environmental awareness can be used at ease.

Material comparative test

K&N high flow filter test for inhalation air content used SUPER FLOW BENCH which is made in U.S.A,it make sure true result with many air filters in after market.

■Tests to compare
(material size, filter assembly)
filter shape, design, and air intake were conducted on the Sports Cleaner.

  • The exciting model which pursued total performance.
  • Adopt the wet process cotton filter of K&N that made with 4 layers
  • Filter shape is the cone which arranged the centering cone on inner and each outer.
  • Maintenance realizes a long life

Configuration example of a kit

※The aluminum duct becomes only the domestic car use.
※Photograph is an image photograph. It differs from actual component parts.

Super cleaner general purpose kit

Product number[ALUMINIUM DUCT] Product number[CARBON DUCT] Product name PRICE
SC-0183 SCC-0183 Φ60mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 40,000
SC-0184 SCC-0184 Φ70mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 40,000
SC-0185 SCC-0185 Φ80mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 42,000
SC-0186 SCC-0186 Φ90mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 42,000
SC-0187 SCC-0187 Φ100mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 42,000

Spare filter

Product number PRICE Filter size
RF-3301 ¥ 16,000 Intake-super-cleaner-product-rf-3301