Vehicle model : WD40
Engine type : S65B40A

We developed the special carbon duct case for BMW E92 M3.
RAM AIR SYSTEM used maximum space of E92 M3 engine room. RAM AIR SYSTEM can stop heat temperature inside engine room and can leads cool fresh air from front section. RAM AIR SYSTEM can make more torque and maximum power from middle range rpm to high range rpm than stock intake and you can feel better accelerate and aggressive intake sound.


0 - 210km/h 1 - 4speed (Chenge Up 8,200rpm)
GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM 15.82s (- 0.75)

120 - 210km/h
from middle range rpm to hirg range rpm 3 - 4speed (5,600 - 8,200rpm)
GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM 9.05s (- 0.13s)

Product number : FRI-0322
Price : ¥268,000
Duct material : Carbon
Remarks :