RAM AIR SYSTEM for MINI COOPER SD/D (F54/55/56/57/60) Diesel Turbo


Vehicle : MINI COOPER SD/D (F54/55/56/57/60) Diesel Turbo( 2018〜 )
E/G : B37( 1.5L Diesel Turbo )/B47( 2.0L Diesel Turbo )

P/N : FRI-0343
Price : 140,000 JPY

【 Product Description 】
This magnificently and high-capacity design for the MINI COOPER SD/D (F54/55 /56/57/60) Diesel Turbo makes full use of the engine bay drawing in the greatest amount of ambient air possible.
This system features an enlarged intake air-duct behind the grill which channels fresh air directly into a K &N conical filter, increasing the horsepower and torque. Our proprietary carbon fiber filter casing prevents heated air from entering the intake stream, resulting in lowered intake air temperatures (IAT).
Real-time road tests have proven to deliver increased power and performance throughout the entire power band providing a dramatic increase in overall performance of 10%. Delivering razor-sharp boost and revealing a truly sporty sound at throughout.
Designed and manufactured in-house from the quality materials and craftsmanship at our HQ in Japan.