Vehicle : BMW F90 M5 (2018~)
Model : JF44M
Engine type : S63B44E (4.4L Twin Turbo )
Price : 348,000 YEN
Duct material : Carbon
Product number : FRI-0345

【 Product Description 】
We adopted an exquisite and exclusive high-capacity design that elegantly makes full use of the engine bay drawing in the greatest amount of ambient air possible. Our proprietary carbon fiber filter casing prevents heated air from entering the intake stream, resulting in lowered intake air temperatures (IAT). Our added air guide that sits just behind the front bumper enhances air intake by further directing drawing in more fresh air. Real-time tests show this dyno-proven system delivers increased power and performance throughout the entire RPM range, especially between mid to high rpm ranges providing a sharp increase in torque at lower engine speeds. GruppeM's F90 M5 RAM SYSTEM delivers clean, crisp performance while revealing a truly sporty sound. Made in Japan of the highest quality, 100% handcrafted carbon fiber providing the F90 M5 elegance and power.

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