Vehicle : VOLVO XC40 (T4/T5)
Model : XB420XC
Engine type : B420 ( 2.0L Turbo )
Price : 138,000 YEN
Duct material : Carbon
Product number : FRI-0225

【 Product Description 】
The GruppeM innovative Ram Air System for Volvo's compact SUV "XC 40" wearing originality and innovative design to maximize horsepower output by drawing in the greatest amount of ambient air. This system features an enlarged intake air-duct which channels fresh air thru a conical K&N filter directly into the engine, increasing the horsepower and torque throughout the power band. Delivering sharp and increased response in the low to medium RPM range and dramatic power-up from around 3500 rpm revealing powerful delivering that awe powerful and awe-inspiring, sporty sound all drivers enjoy.