Vehicle : MERCEDES BENZ AMG C63/C63S (W205/C205)
Model : 205-087/287/387/487
Engine type : 177 ( 4.0L Twin Turbo )
Price : 348,000 YEN
Duct material : Carbon
Product number : FRI-0407

【 Product Description 】
In order to maximize the flow of fresh ambient air, all OEM parts are replaced with our handland carbon fiber intake components. GruppeM's AMG C63/C63S carbon intake system augments boosts air efficiency by expanding and optimizing the inlet design headlights, thereby lowering the air intake temperature and increasing air flow and throttle response.
Our carbon inlet provide a direct path to the factory air boxes.The airfilters are upgrade to K&N units that contribute to the effiency by the rectification effect by suppressing and limiting suction resistance
GruppeM intake systems add power and performance gains, and elegance, delivering the ultimate excitementin driving fulfillment . GruppeM intake systems truly combine form, function and driving pleasure. Not only do our intake deliver the perfomance everyone deserves but provide that classic, elegant simple look only our high quality carbon fiber intake systems can deliver.
All Gruppe M products are made in-house and produced from the highest quality materials at our HQ in Japan.