Brand Product
Years Engine
Displacement Product
GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM 07-15 156 6200 FRI-0405 ¥ 248,000
An original air cleaner box is used as it is, it equips with a K&N replacement filter, an air introduction duct is super enlarged, and the complete air intake duct which can more over introduce a lot of direct air is developed. Preparing duct capacity balance on either side, it compares that it is original and one 1.6 twice the duct capacity of this is obtained. An effect demonstrates especially in the time of high revolution and high load. And the whole guide is expanded so that air may take in direct from a front grille. There by even if intake air temperature rises by traffic congestion etc., after a run, intake air temperature drops and the stable power is got immediately. The force and presence in the engine room when opening a bonnet are also united, and it is satisfied with the Japanese made in house product made from real carbon of all. ※ Also we can make possible by twill design carbon material on a special order which is JPY 50,000 UP
K&N filter : 33-2405 2pcs attached.