1. How many kinds of material of the air filter?
    2. What are dry type of air filter and wet type?
    3. Dose wet filter hear the rumor that air mass sensor breaks down?
    4. When air cleaner is exchanged, why does power rise?
    5. How much durability is there?
    6. Is there product warranty?
    7. Please tell me maintenance method.

    Q. How many kinds of material of the air filter?

    A. There are paper (nonwoven fabric), cotton and sponge. And there are dry type and wet type by each material. K&N filter is using "cotton".

    Details of K&N filter material here>>

    Q. What are dry type of air filter and wet type?

    A. The difference is oil in material or not. Basically general car are using dry nonwoven fabric for their air filter. Some of sports cars example Nissan R35GT-R and Honda S2000,Integra typeR used wet nonwoven.

    Details of K&N filter material here>>

    Q. Dose wet filter hear the rumor that air mass sensor breaks down?

    A. Oil of air filter was stuck in air mass sensor for time and wet filter,and there was a lot of fact that air mass sensor breaks down. Those gathered broken various air mass sensor in the purpose which inspects the thing from each country in K&N Engineering,and the third party did an inspection test. It was proved that the result and K&N filter don't have a bad influence on sensor. The big reasons are silicon grease leak when install the kit and return oil is not perfect condition. And some of customer used no filter for their kit,it makes damage for sensor. You can use K&N filter surely.

    Details of air mass sensor test,here>>

    Q. When air cleaner is exchanged, why does power rise?

    A. Case of Replacement filter
    The one which corresponded with the engine basically is adopted as a pure filter. But when passing it, it takes filter for a load in itself by the time when I stepped on the accelerator suddenly, uphill and the time of max speed, and a mesh of a filter will shrink and be in the clogged state, and inhalation resistance becomes big. The filter area is small for a small vehicle, and engine compartment has only the volume of very limit in particular. More sponges are stuck around the filter so that a dust doesn't enter even if a maintenance of imported car vehicle doesn't exchange a long filter, and there are also vehicles a lot more than inhalation resistance which emphasize the durability. These car types can also get the effect on leaps and bounds by a pure exchange filter.

    Case of Sports cleaner
    Inhalation resistance of a sports cleaner type is reduced substantially compared with normality. But a recent car is inhaled freely like before, resistance, as I made them reduce, for, power isn't increased. A computer is always doing correction of the air/fuel ratio (A/F) and learning for a recent car, and the run top is generally the best A/F, and a normal car is controlled. It's being set as the correction and the learning value are converted in the latitude and a sports cleaner will be the A/F value which emphasized power. The car which is being controlled by an air mass sensor develops a fitting adapter according to its sensor special quality, those, you attach as a kit. Those all waits for the look, and power improves a sports cleaner. The air charge temperature also has an important element.

    Q. How much durability is there?

    A. K&N filter can excel the durability very much, and there is also no sudden performance deterioration. K&N filter is loaded on a large truck and 160,000 km of run as much as 240,000 km is being recorded by standard car without maintenance by a test by K&N company. More K&N filters can thin its product lifetime with to maintain periodically. It's used up and it's repeated that a filter of a typewriter abrogates and buys many air filters through a lifetime of the car, but K&N filter is 1 filter, and it's possible to be to repeat washing revival and suppress discharge of trash.

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    Q. Is there product warranty?

    A. Yes. I'll do half year with a guarantee period from purchase. (Regular items in Japan, limited to purchase in case of)

    about the guarantee, here>>

    Q. Please tell me maintenance method.

    A. All K&N filters can be washed, repeated and used. Time of the tense of noodles, the driving condition and, besides, it's different depending on the environment, but the color of oil fades and if it's becoming black, the filter surface is time of the maintenance. Please make about 30,000 km of about 3000-5000km the rule of thumb by other open types by a replacement.