Generally, three qualities in particular are sought in air filters; air intake quantity, filtration efficiency, and durability. As each of these requirements are in conflict with each other, extensive experience and certain technological adeptness are necessary to bring these into a higher balance. For example, while a material for use in the cleaner may have equal filtration efficiency as another, considerable air intake may be possible in that case high efficiency is retained, but, depending on the suitability of the material, long-term durability cannot necessarily be obtained.

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About the shape of the K&N high flow filter

It was K&N's air filter with this unmatched level of performance, a product of joint research and development between GruppeM and K&N Engineering. One case in point which has long been understood well, is that the ideal form for the inlet duct is considered to be a bell-mouthed funnel shape. By having an equalised uniform curve, in the case of nothing being stuck to the surface causing turbulence, great airflow performance is demonstrated. However, should even a little unevenness be on the surface, it would create resistance and cease acting as a funnel, because of the resulting turbulence. The configuration of the K & N High-Flow filter is cone shaped, having uniform tapered proportions. In this way, a funnel-shaped vortex is formed, with natural air being drawn and channelled in toward the airflow of the intake air. When air is sucked with a fixed angle of descent, air from all around the cone is also sucked in simultaneously, a funnel shape of the natural air is formed, and more air is inhaled. This design which at first glance seemingly disregards theory, through the stacking up of results of test upon test considering only of the achieving of high performance, has been brought to fruition – introducing the K&N Power Cleaner Air Filter.

The durability of a K&N high flow filter

It is considered as the high flow type with the surface area of more than 5 times by attaining optimization of the accordion shape where reserved the fixed taper angle based on the filter design concept original with the durability of a K&N high flow filter, and the deep fold was reserved.
 Large scale and a high load continuation air intake are realized by suppressing distortion by powerful inhalation negative pressure and powerful heat, and raising a filtering capacity.

Reliable wearing performance

GruppeM intake kit of all is bolted with the fitting adapter of the exclusive design. It fits neatly and shapely as genuine, and a carbon intake duct gives off overwhelming presence. GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM is packaging in all including an adapter and hoses. Each part is indispensable to show the best performance. ※Mounting is basically installed bolt-on. In some vehicle type, detaching the bumper may be required.


The K&N filter is recyclable by washing, so makes the wonderful long life possible. The filter washer without damaging cotton of a material, decomposes strongly and washes dirt permeated. After washing and drying, by infiltration of dedicated filter oil, performance of same level as new one is restored, and capability of a filter is shown 100%. In addition, unnecessary waste is not discharge, and by exhaust gas examination when it equips with a K&N filter, cleared regulation in all the countries of the world. So even the owner having high environmental awareness can be used at ease.

Material comparative test

K&N high flow filter test for inhalation air content used SUPER FLOW BENCH which is made in U.S.A,it make sure true result with many air filters in after market.

■Tests to compare
(material size, filter assembly)
filter shape, design, and air intake were conducted on the Sports Cleaner.

  • The Sport Model which is committed to absolute intake efficiency,and responds to the demand of more power.
  • Adopt the wet process cotton filter of K&N that made
    with 4 layers
  • Accordion-shaped design and tapered angle
    configuration to minimize restriction to air intake.
  • Maintenance realizes a long life

Configuration example of a kit

※Photograph is an image photograph.
It differs from actual component parts.

Power cleaner general purpose kit

For RC-2960

Product number Product name PRICE
PC-0183 Φ60mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 24,000
PC-0184 Φ70mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 24,000
PC-0185 Φ80mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 25,000
PC-0186 Φ90mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 25,000
PC-0187 Φ100mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 25,000

For RF-1005

Product number Product name PRICE
PC-0180 Φ60mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 24,000
PC-0181 Φ70mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 24,000
PC-0182 Φ80mm general purpose(Pipe type) ¥ 24,000
PC-0188 Φ80 Z32 For air flow(Flange type) ¥ 20,000

Spare filter

Product number PRICE Filter size
RC-0930 ¥ 13,800
RC-1980 ¥ 13,000
RC-2960 ¥ 13,800
RC-3160 ¥ 15,300
RC-3250 ¥ 12,500 Intake-power-cleaner-product-no-image
RF-0935A ¥ 25,000 Intake-power-cleaner-product-no-image
RF-1002 ¥ 14,500 Intake-power-cleaner-product-no-image
RF-1005 ¥ 11,300
RF-1009 ¥ 13,900
RF-1011 ¥ 22,100
RF-3018A ¥ 17,000 Intake-power-cleaner-product-no-image
RF-3301A ¥ 16,000 Intake-power-cleaner-product-no-image
RU-0840 ¥ 10,500 Intake-power-cleaner-product-no-image
RU-3480 ¥ 11,100 Intake-power-cleaner-product-no-image
RU-4960 ¥ 10,100 Intake-power-cleaner-product-no-image

Option parts for cleaner

Waterproof cover

Product number Product name PRICE Remarks
22-8036PK K&N waterproof cover ¥ 5,800 RF-1009 only
22-8049DK K&N waterproof cover ¥ 7,800 RC-2960 only

K&N Dry Covers are manufactured from a durable polyester material and pre-treated with a proprietary hydrophobic process designed to prevent splashes of water or mud from saturating your K&N air filter.